Vandaflowers▓ bvba
Molenweg 2
9230 Wetteren-ten-Ede
Tel. +32 (0)9 366 33 13
Fax +32 (0)9 366 17 26
GSM +32 (0)477 51 32 00


Vandaflowers ▓ is a production company that operates more than 45 years in horticulture.
The company is managed by Christophe Van Damme.

Our clients are export companies, national and international wholesailers and cash & carries.

We offer our clients a proper product at a competitive price. In addition, we also maintain close contact with our customers in order to differentiate our offering and adapt to market changes.

We are a progressive floriculture business, both in terms of automation and in terms of cultivation methods and selection.

The nursery uses advanced cultivation techniques and machinery.
We cultivate in 2 hectares greenhouses and 5 hectares outdoors.

Over this entire area we produce in an environmentally friendly manner, we are members of VMS / MPS. All water is collected and recycled.
Thanks to the installed solar panels, 80% of our energy comes from renewable sources.